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Sex Toys For The Enthusiastic Beginner

Sex Toys For The Enthusiastic Beginner

Published by Nicole Keleigh on Jun 27th 2018

If you’re shopping for a sex toy for the first time, the variety of options can be overwhelming. There’s dildos, vibrators, and of course it doesn’t stop there. There’s g-spot dildos, glass dildos, suction cup dildos and many more. Don’t get me started on all the different kinds of vibrators.

Before I get into specific toy recommendations, I wanted to give you a few tips. Start small. Don’t get the largest fake cock you can find at first. Size isn’t everything just like with real cocks. Don’t buy the cheapest toy available. There’s times to save your money, but when it comes to toys it’s worth spending a little more. You’ll notice the difference.


wand massager

Massager Wand

I often say that my first sex toy was a dildo, but really it was a  massager wand. The Xgen Body Wand is far better than the massager that I had. That one had a short cord and was designed for massaging muscles, not...well, you know.

I like this wand because it had a different power options. You can start off gentle and make it as powerful as you want when you’re ready.

realistic dildo

Realistic Dildo

This is definitely better than my first dildo. The Basix Rubber Works 7" Slim Dong is just the right length and width for a beginner dildo user. Its unique realistic look is designed to be comfortable in your hand (or your lover’s) and provides pleasure in all the right spots. It’s soft and has a sensual feel.

The reason I like this  realistic dildo for beginners is that you get to control it. You can control the speed and power of insertion, getting to know your own desires as you use it. It also features a suction cup to allow you to fasten it on a smooth service and enjoy a hands-free experience.

rabbit vibrator

Rabbit Vibrator

I would say to try the wand and dildo first, then try this rabbit vibrator. A  rabbit vibrator offers two areas of stimulation. Both your g-spot and clitoris are given equal pleasure simultaneously. I like this one because it’s powerful yet has different levels and sensations that you can adjust depending on your desires and needs. The Shibari Lapereau is rechargeable eliminating the need for batteries.

This is the advice I would give to a friend who is looking for her first sex toy. Take it as you’d like. These recommendations aren’t set in stone. You don’t have to get these exact models, but I do believe you should get something like these to start. Then experiment and find one or a dozen that you love!! Enjoy!!




Author: Nicole Keleigh

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