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Kegel Balls & Vaginal Tightening Creams

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Kegel balls are one or more smooth round orbs, which are typically at least slightly weighted, and which provide toning/strengthening for the pelvic floor and vaginal walls, or an erotic sensation, or some combination of these. Kegels are available as untethered, individual spheres or attached with a string and a loop at the bottom for easy removal. Some Kegel trainers may even be sold as a kit, providing a separate sleeve along with the balls themselves, which would allow you to use the product in a variety of ways. Kegel balls, or ‘Ben Wa Balls’, have been in use for centuries, both as an object of pleasure and for conditioning parts of the female anatomy, in and around the vagina. One of the most exciting aspects of Kegel balls, more recently taking the form of “pelvic weights”, is that these spheres slip inside the vagina in their entirety, which allows them to be used both for pelvic exercise as well as the subject of a private, erotic secret. Wear them for a thrill at home, at work (yes, really!), or use them to spice up a bedroom bondage session. Kegels, when used with regularity, may go far in strengthening the pelvic floor and even tightening the vaginal canal, which has a variety of physical and sexual benefits. They often come in a set that contains graduated weights or sizes, they’re frequently either steel or enveloped in smooth silicone and are available in many colors and attached balls have a few different styles. Vibrating balls will extend to your G-spot and enhance your orgasms. The best part: they are great for beginners, comfortable to wear, and have rewarding physical benefits for women.