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Rabbit Vibrators

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The classic rabbit vibrator is perhaps the quintessential pleasure product for women, providing both internal (vaginal) and external (clitoral) stimulation. A rabbit-style vibrator is typically a personal massager with the standard insertable shaft, which also possesses a smaller unit extending from its base. The attached unit will rest on the clitoris when the vibrator is inserted. Traditionally it will cradle the clitoris and send sensations to it with small “bunny ears”, hence the name. The infamous rabbit was created to provide a woman with the most intense, pleasurable orgasm possible, as it offers pulsing, buzzing or even thrusting sensations in the vagina, as well as targeted stimulation to the clitoris. You can expect the dual motors to be significantly powerful. There are typically a range of speeds and functions, from light to intense. The versatility of this massager endows with the capability to be used for foreplay and mild arousal as well as with generously supplying deep, satisfying multiple orgasms. Most rabbit massagers require several AA batteries but many modern and luxury rabbit vibes are USB rechargeable. Rabbits usually follow the form described here initially, but over the years they have undergone many innovations and improvements to make these massagers as effective and easy to use as possible. You may see a straight shaft or one that is curved for g-spot stimulation, containing beads or other moving parts. The insertable component may rotate, thrust, or even provide a warming sensation, while others are sleek and modern, providing vibration through a silky smooth silicone beam. The external component may resemble the aforementioned “rabbit ears” or any number of other shapes, and some of these massagers may even offer anal stimulation. Many rabbit vibrators are waterproof, easy to clean and will undoubtedly become a favorite go-to toy in any toy box!