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Butt Plugs

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The butt plug is a great intimate item for both beginners and those who are more experienced and adventurous. Butt plugs are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, making anal play possible for anyone. Those who are just starting out can choose an anal plug that’s short in length and narrow in girth, with a tapered tip for easy insertion. Those that are looking to expand their horizons or test their limits have plenty of options like butt plugs with tails as well. There are different sizes and shapes to select from, including bulbous, spherical, the traditional conical style and even those that expand following insertion. Butt plugs may have vibration functions, increasing pleasurable sensations and possibly intensifying orgasm during intercourse or solo play. They can also be more “lifestyle” items, many resembling wearable art and adorned with jewels, fur or designs at the base. Butt plugs, particularly the non-vibrating kind, may be small and light enough to wear around the house, or even for a night out. They can enhance all kinds of intimate encounters and meet a variety of needs, from light BDSM, to passionate exploration to even solo masturbation. Because comfort, ease of use/cleaning and appearance are important factors when it comes to anal plugs, most people would pick a butt plug that’s glass, steel or smooth silicone, but butt plugs are available in TPE/jelly or rubber. The right size and shape product combined with the appropriate lubricant is the key to safe and satisfying anal play.