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Prostate Massagers

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The Prostate is a small gland which exists as a part of the male reproductive system and can be found between the bladder and the penis. The prostate is directly in front of the rectum, and because of this proximity, this gland can be stimulated anally. When massage is administered to the prostate, it can result in extremely pleasurable sensations, which can lead to climax with no further arousal such as to the penis or scrotum. Therefore, a prostate massager can be used as the single source of stimulation, or as a component of love-making or experimentation, when combined with genital stimulation. If used in conjunction with intercourse or oral sex, the male orgasm will likely be significantly more intense, heightening the sexual response and providing a more satisfying release. A prostate massager can be purchased in a few different styles and is available in the same standard materials as most vibrators. Prostate massagers fall into the category of anal toys, consisting of a sturdy handle and the insertable unit which provides direct stmulation to the prostate gland. Some of these massagers afford additional stimulation to the perineum and/or scrotum. Prostate massagers contain a powerful motor to ensure satisfaction and, in addition to doing so by having dual motors, they may also offer sensations to the genital area by featuring a cockring. Prostate massagers are a very specific product, with a shape and design that emphasizes ease of use as much as providing intense sensation and facilitating a more explosive orgasm.