Male Masturbators, Strokers & Dolls

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Strokers & Masturbators are realistic reproductions of vaginal and anal openings, as well as breasts, and can frequently be modeled on the actual anatomy of adult performers. A stroker is a cylindrical flesh-like masturbator that has an opening at one end that resembles a vulva, mouth or anus. Other masturbators may actually look like a pair of breasts, a pelvis or lower torso with realistic openings, that are easy to grab and hold. Ass masturbators can consist of cheeks in a variety of sizes and shapes, with a sphincter that looks and feels like the real thing. Mouth masturbators closely resemble the look and female of a human mouth. Breast masturbators are complete with nipples and areolas, and masturbators that have several orifices as well as breasts are also available. Pussy shaped masturbators are realistic replicas of the female vagina both inside and out. Inside the stroker or masturbator there may be various textures such as ribbing or added elements for an increase in sensation such as tiny balls or beads, or even a bullet for vibration. Most strokers are relatively small which makes storage and travel convenient and discreet. Masturbators and strokers are available in such wide variety that there's something for almost anyone. In addition to masturbators that closely replicate male or female anatomy, or a stroker that replicates your favorite adult performer, there are textures and functions which can satisfy anything you're craving. Male masturbators are available in a wide range of colors and skin tones, including transparent, for those who like to watch. It's important to clean a masturbator after each use with either soap and water or an anti-bacterial toy cleaner.