Anal Toys

Types of Anal Toys:

Anal play can be exciting, erotic, intimacy-enhancing and extremely pleasurable, but it starts with finding the right product. Anal toys are available in a large variety, from butt plugs and beads to anal vibrators and kits, and come in all shapes and sizes. Anal beads are a suitable beginner’s sex toy, but they can become a go-to item even as your experience level increases. Anal beads are typically a succession of balls, which are graduated from small at the tip to larger towards the base, which allows for experimentation ad well as the ability to become more comfortable with larger girth over time. Anal beads and butt plugs can be very simple plastic or jelly toys that have no motor or additional features or functions, but anal toys can range to high-end luxury items that provide stimulation to a few areas at once. Anal toys made with steel, silicone and glass help establish and overall safe and pleasurable experience because they’re easy to use and clean, but also because those materials are non-porous. Most anal toys that do vibrate will have a push button at the base or will have an attached control pad. Most anal toys will have attention paid to the removal aspect as much as the penetration, and will feature a ring, loop or handle to ensure that when your anal play session is over there won’t be any difficulty in extracting the toy. Most anal toys are unisex, but some are targeted to enhance male pleasure such as prostate or perineum massagers, or beads that have rings that can be slipped over the penis or scrotum to provide a more intense, longer-lasting experience.