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For The Love Of Dildos

For The Love Of Dildos

Published by Nicole Keleigh on Mar 12th 2018

I’ll never forget my first dildo. It was a clear, purple colored rubber dildo a girl friend gave me on my eighteenth birthday. At first I just treated it like a gag gift, I didn’t think I would get any real pleasure out of it and that it wouldn’t be any better than what I could do with my fingers. That was before I actually tried it out.

Then one lonely night I took it for a test drive. The rubber cock felt amazing, better than the real thing in some ways. I could use it how I wanted, I could take all of the pleasure from it and I didn’t have to worry about it finishing too early or complaining when I wanted to cuddle afterwards.

Since that lonely night, I’ve gone on to amass a small collection of dildos of different shapes, sizes and textures that I keep hidden in a dresser drawer not far from the side of my bed.

My first few items in my collection were realistic ones. As the name implies, they feel and look like the real thing. They’re a great way to get satisfaction if you’re craving a cock, but don’t have easy access to one or don’t want to go through all of the trouble that can come along with one. If you’re really into the whole realistic dildo style, try the Cyberskin dildos. They’re designed to feel as real as possible.

A large part of my current collection are g-spot dildos, designed to stimulate you at just the right angle with just the right amount of surface contact. For me it’s a very fulfilling orgasm every time.

Suction cup dildos are fun if you’re looking for a more hands-free experience. Stick it to the shower wall or just about any smooth, flat surface and it can lead to a satisfying experience. I’ve found they can be a lot of fun if you want to put on a nice show for that someone special. Or you could take the dildo in one end while working the real thing on the other end. One of my personal favorite positions.

On my list to try are double penetration dildos and double dongs. Knowing my love of DP, I’m surprised I don’t own a double penetration dildo yet. It might satisfy my craving on those nights when I need more than one dick to satisfy me. And as far as the double dong, I know a certain female that I would love to try it out with.

Author: Nicole Keleigh

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