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Anal Pleasure Toys Make Their Way Mainstream

Anal Pleasure Toys Make Their Way Mainstream

Published by Nicole Keleigh on Feb 24th 2018

Anal pleasure, used to be off limits. It was taboo or forbidden. Now it’s an accepted part of a healthy sex life... because it’s a unique sensation that just feels soooo good. has anal toys for women and men that are designed for those that are just experimenting or for more advanced users... if you know what I mean. Their collection includes anal vibrators, anal beads, butt plugs and other anal sex toys and accessories.

The butt plugs are my personal favorite. Most butt plugs are a variation of a cone shape with a wider base designed to provide utmost pleasure and stay in place. Butt plugs can be used to prepare one for anal sex or for just good ol’ stimulation. Try one out when you’re all alone or you can use it before or during sex. If you’re feeling naughty try wearing one out in public or even to the office. No one will know what you have underneath your clothes... unless you get too distracted and give yourself away.

While I don’t have as much experience with anal beads as I do butt plugs, I wouldn’t hesitate suggesting them to a friend or lover that wants to try something new in the bedroom. While butt plugs just have one sensation as the plug fills you, anal beads provide multiple rounds of pleasure each time a ball penetrates you or leaves you. I love being on my belly or even bent over and having a lover slide the anal beads in and out of me.

Anal vibrators are similar to the traditional vibrators that most, if not all women are familiar with (battery operated boyfriends, vibrating bullets, etc). But anal vibrators are designed to stimulate just the right areas and to avoid the far too embarrassing "getting stuck inside of you issue". They can create deep, powerful orgasms that are a "must experience" kind of feeling. For women, an anal vibrator combined with a dildo or your man can lead to much more than doubling your pleasure. It can lead to a mind blowing experience.

Overall, if you’re new to anal toys, start small and then upgrade. You may be surprised by how much pleasure can come from a small package. There are butt plugs, anal vibrators, and anal beads of all sizes to please everyone. As your pleasure progresses so may the size of your anal toys.

Author: Nicole Keleigh

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