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5 Most Powerful Clitoral Vibrators

5 Most Powerful Clitoral Vibrators

Published by Emma Hewitt on Jul 14th 2019

By Emma Hewitt

In case you haven’t noticed, the clit is the absolute shit. It is full of nerve endings which feel amazing when stimulated and is a pleasure center of the body that can give you a whole lot of orgasms. The most common way to reach orgasm for vulva owners is via the external part of the clitoris, and  clitoral vibrators are designed with intense, targeted stimulation of this area in mind.

But,  not all vibrators are made equal. Vibrators come with different levels of intensity and not all are made as strong as others. For some people, weaker vibration is totally fine and enough to get that clitoris feeling happy and orgasmic. But for others, those vibes just won’t cut it and something stronger is needed.

So whether you are someone that struggles to reach clitoral orgasm (you are not alone, this is super common!), or if you are just a power queen that loves a strong toy, these are the vibes that you should look out for.

Je Joue Classic Bullet Vibrator

clitoral vibrator

Bullet vibrators are a super cool little sex toy that I recommend to literally everyone I know. They can be used on any external part of the body (hey erogenous zones), and they feel seriously good on the clitoris. This one from Je Joue is extra special because it packs a whole lot of vibration variation into a petite, pinpoint package. There are 5 levels of vibration that start at low and work their way up to intense, strong vibration, and there are also 5 different pulsation patterns to play with too.

This  bullet vibrator is made from silky smooth silicone with a firm core but a squishy tip that feels soft and pillowy against your clit. Being made from silicone, this little vibe is non-porous, non-toxic and easy to clean. Basically, it is body-safe and has no nasty shit in it. Whoop! Plus, it is USB rechargeable and waterproof too so you can take with you into the shower, bath or wherever else you like to play.

Je Joue Mimi Clitoral Stimulator - 10 Function Lilac

We-Vibe Tango Bullet Vibrator

We-Vibe Tango Bullet Vibrator

We-Vibe is famous for their wearable couple’s vibrators, but they also have a range of clitoral toys too, and they are absolute bangers. So, if you know and love bullet vibes, but want to up the ante on the power front, then the Tango is probably the toy for you. This baby is strong and rumbly and is going to send literal shock waves through that clitoris. There are 8 vibration modes to play with and they are all awesome and all rumbly and all delicious.

The Tango is made from firm ABS plastic and has a flat tapered tip for pinpoint stimulation right where you like it. This vibe is also USB rechargeable, completely waterproof and small enough to fit in your pocket, so it’s a perfect toy for travel too. It is a little on the pricey side for a vibrator that is this small but the quality of the toy and the quality of the vibrations easily make up for that. I promise you won’t have any regrets.

We-Vibe Tango Bullet Vibrator

We-Vibe Touch

we-vibe touch clitoral vibrator

Like the sound of the Tango but prefer a clitoral toy that is on the softer side? Well, We-Vibe has a toy for you too. The We-Vibe Touch has all the power of the Tango but in a softer, squishier, silicone body. This toy has an ergonomic shape with a firm body to hold onto but a flexible end that contours with your body and gently hugs the clitoris with its tapered tip.

There are 8 patterns and speeds to explore, and they are all deep, rumbly and wonderful. The Touch is also USB rechargeable and completely waterproof for play anywhere you like it. And, it’s another great travel toy as it is small and doesn’t really look like a vibrator. If you love power but prefer a toy with a softer touch, then this one will be perfect for you.

We-Vibe Touch Usb - Purple

Hitachi Magic Wand Plus

magic wand plus clitoral vibrator

This wand has been making people's orgasm dreams come true for over 30 years! Yup, this is the  original wand vibrator on steroids and it is still as powerful and as popular as ever. Wand vibrators offer a wider area of stimulation than bullet vibes. They encompass the clitoris and the vulva for intense vibrations throughout the whole genital area. And, they are seriously powerful!

This is a mains powered wand, which means that it needs to be plugged in to work. The Magic Wand Plus however allows the power cord to be removed during use! This is why this wand packs so much power into it, but it also means that this isn’t a waterproof vibe. And remember that wands actually make awesome all over massagers for sore muscles. Just flick it on and use it on your back or your legs for a sweet release. There are also all sorts of attachments you can attach to the silicone head of the wand to turn it into a brand new toy and create new types of stimulation.

Vibratex Magic Wand Plus

Swan Massage Wand

Swan Massage Wand Rechargeable 2 Motors 7 Functions

This gorgeous massager from Swan is a wand vibrator too but with a bit of a difference. This is a double-ended vibe that can be used externally or internally! And, there are motors in both ends of the toy, so no matter which end you are playing with, you will still get maximum power. Pretty sweet huh? There are 3 speeds and 4 patterns to explore, and it is strong! This is certainly the strongest vibrator in the Swan range.

It’s a full silicone toy that is pretty firm but still has that silky smoothness that silicone provides. It’s USB rechargeable and it’s waterproof which is pretty rare for a wand vibe. There is also a travel lock which means it won’t turn on and surprise you while you are travelling. And being that this is basically two toys in one, it really is an ideal travel companion.

Swan Massage Wand Rechargeable 2 Motors 7 Functions

These are just some of the amazing and powerful sex toys that directly target the clitoris, but there are a lot more!

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