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Doxy Die Cast 3 Compact Wand Vibrator - Brushed Metal

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Doxy Die Cast 3 Compact Wand Vibrator - Brushed Metal
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Doxy Die Cast 3 Silver Satin

Doxy Die Cast 3 is our compact wand massager and it certainly delivers "good vibrations". This petite device has all the qualities our customers appreciate in the larger Doxy Original and Doxy Die Cast massagers; great looks, high quality materials, a smooth silicone head and perfect control. We know style is important, so you have a choice of attractive metallic finishes.



Whether you want penetrating massage for painful muscles or added excitement for your intimate enjoyment, the smaller size helps you to deliver the fabled Doxy power to just the right spot. How does the Die Cast 3 compare to our larger wands? The body of the Die Cast 3 is smaller and so we use a smaller motor. BUT because the aluminum body is much stronger than plastic, we are able to put heavy weights inside. This produces that famous deep rumbly vibration Doxy is known for. The head has a smaller surface area compared to the Original and larger Die Cast, concentrating that power to pinpoint accuracy - Ideal for couple play, getting into those hard to reach places!


The three simple control buttons are all you need to go from gentle beginnings of 3,000 really pleasurable moments (RPMs) to a world-moving 9000 RPM. Enjoy our popular escalating pulse mode by just pressing and holding the power button for three seconds. Just be sure to handle all that power with care. Experience the Doxy Die Cast 3 sensation for yourself.


It’s the spice of life, they say, and our exclusive alternative silicone massage heads will definitely add more interest and intrigue for you. The Doxy Die Cast 3 head can be easily unscrewed and replaced with any of our four specially designed attachments to deliver really heart-warming experiences. They can all be firmly secured, so there’s no need to worry about them shifting or twisting. Take a look at these clever additions for your favorite new personal friend.

Your safety is very important to us

The plug-top power supply allows only low voltage, direct current to enter the product, ensuring safe and hassle-free use worldwide. You won’t have to worry about your nearest power sockets thanks to the generous 3metre (10ft) cable.

Doxy Die Cast 3 Details

Product Dimensions
Body Length: 28cm
Head Diameter: 4.5cm
Body Circumference: 12cm
Weight: 350g

Boxed Dimensions
Length: 41cm
Width: 11cm
Height: 6cm
Weight: 790g

Power Supply
Plug-top power supply delivers low voltage direct current
Provided Adapters in the box - UK, EU, US & AU/NZ

Cable Length
3 meters (10 feet)

Brushed Metal, Candy Red, Disco Black & Rose Gold

We find, as others do too, that the DOXY Number Three silver satin massage wand may be smaller but the power is still there like any other Doxy Massager. Don't let it's size fool you into thinking you're not going to get to where you want to go. The buzz and vibration are there front and center just like it's big sisters the Doxy Wand Massager and the Doxy Die-Cast Wand Massager. For those of you that want a little smaller concentrated area of attention, the Doxy Number 3 is perfect for you as the sensation is indeed applied to a smaller area. The body is long and slim with a light weight feel and perfect size and shape for a woman's hand to hold. Perhaps the biggest feature of the Doxy Number Three Personal Massager is something the sex toy community has longed for, a wand massager with removable head that makes cleaning and safety a breeze. More and more of our customers are telling us their first squirting experience came with a wand massager. That in itself makes the ability to remove the wand head and clean it imperative. The Doxy Number 3's silicone and metal head cap can be easily unscrewed and thoroughly cleaned as you would other silicone & metal toys. All this without any worry of damaging the wand itself. We don't want something bad like ruining your Doxy Number Three Wand Massager to come from something good like cleaning your sex toy. You're the only thing we want to be "bad"!

Features Of The Doxy Number Three Wand Massager

  • Extremely tough Aluminum & Titanium handle in a beautiful brushed aluminum finish
  • Easy to see LED lighted buttons
  • Switchable incremental speed control & pulse settings for every desire
  • The Doxy #3 weighs in at a mere 12oz making prolonged use :) a pleasure
  • Thoughtfully long 9 foot long wire with a plug that's compatible in the USA, Canada, Mexico and other South American countries
  • Storage and care is easy as Doxy has packaged their newest creation in a basic white, gender neutral high quality storage box - 16in x 4in x 2.5in
  • If that's not enough, the Doxy designers have made the Number Three compatible with small-wand attachments such as those sold by Palm

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