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Mystim Electro Stimulation Unplain Jane Geisha Ball - Mono

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Tone and strengthen your perineum with this Unplain Jane single Geisha Ballfrom Mystim, compatible with Mystim electrostimulation systems (Tension Lover or Pure Vibes). It contains internal balls that move every time you do. Regularly training your PC muscles with these balls lets you increase sensations in that area, as well as providing electrifying pleasure. A toned perineum is the key to a blossoming sex life full of incredible sensations. The ball contains an internal ball that moves freely, engaging your vaginal (PC) muscles. Combine sexual pleasure with perineal toning with these vaginal balls. Discreet and easy to insert, they let you increase the sensations you feel during sex and reach orgasm more easily, and also reduce the risk of incontinence. This vaginal ball provides stimulation using pulses of electricity. It workswith the Mystim Tension Lover and Pure Vibes electrostimulation systems. The positive and negative poles are separated at the end of the removal cord, ensuring the toy remains comfortable to use. It can provide gentle tingles and rhythmic pulsations very quickly once inserted. Material: Medical-grade silicone Length: 14.3 cm Diameter : 3.3 cm Weight: 45 g Connector: 2 mm connector, compatible with all Mystim devices One Year Warranty.

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