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Crystal Delights Detachable Faux Pony Tail Butt Plug / Short Stem - Large Bulb With Primary 5 - Color Faux Pony Tail

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Handcrafted glass plug featuring a primary 5-color detachable faux pony tail. Available in small, medium, and large bulb sizes, and both short and long stem lengths.

Crystal Delights brings you this whimsical handcrafted in the USA anal plug with a colorful ponytail attached to the base. Offering your choice of thirteen colored, curly, flowing ponytails, this anal plug is also made of the highest quality, properly hardened borosilicate glass. The smooth plug tip eases insertion for unmatched comfort in anal play with a slender stem leading to a flared base, ensuring the plug is safe, comfortable and enjoyable. Can you really resist the temptation of one of our colorful ponytails adding visual enticement to any role-playing scenario, or stimulating sensory play, or just for that wilder side?

The Crystal Minx Detachable Pony Tail is also the first of our line of toys to implement our new innovative detachable systems. They have the exact same look and feel, but with an added convenience; instead of being permanently attached to the plug, our pony tails screw on and off! We've made it easier than ever to accessorize your sexual experience. Mix and match as much as you want by simply unscrewing the ponytail and replacing it with another (just be careful not to screw it on too tightly). Any ponytail can be attached to the same detachable plug, leaving you free to collect as many colors as you want! Just Pony Tails (without the plug) will be available soon!

Choose from three bulb sizes, two stem lengths, and 13 gorgeous pony tail styles. Don't see the style you want? Contact us, we are always happy to discuss custom orders!


Crystal Minx Tail Plug (available in 6 sizes)
*all specifications are approximate
(hand-crafted products are never exactly the same)

Weight (oz)Length (in)Insertable
Length (in)
Diameter (in)
Diameter (in)
Tail Length (in)
Small Bulb / Short Stem3.
Medium Bulb / Short Stem4.
Large Bulb / Short Stem7.
Small Bulb / Long Stem3.
Medium Bulb / Long Stem54.
Large Bulb / Long Stem7.

Data sheet

Made in America -   by Crystal Delights
Storage Bag -   does not include a storage bag
Glass -   Made of carefully crafted and properly hardened Borosilicate Glass
Materials -   Glass is a Smooth, Body-Safe Material | Natural and Eco-Friendly | Phthalate Free and Non-Toxic
Design -   Features our tear-drop shaped bulb & flared base (aids in ease of insertion and the base keeps the plug safely outside of the body, enabling it to be easily retrieved, guided and removed)
Special Feature -   Features a detachable screw in and out tail and base, for easy removal and cleaning
Tail Color -   Primary 5-Color
Tail Material -   High Grade Wig Hair
Tail Length (in) -   15.5"
Bulb -   Available in Small, Medium and Large Bulb Sizes
Stem -   Available in Short or Long Stem Sizes
Length (in) -   please see Chart in description
Insert. Length (in) -   please see Chart in description
Bulb Dia. (in) -   please see Chart in description
Weight (oz) -   please see Chart in description

Additional Details


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